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    Donna Coburn

    I'm trying to pull "events" from a specific calendar so that they are listed on a page and followed the steps above however, can't seem to get it to work. Where does one "sign up" as mentioned in the instructions? I'm following the calendar which has events plus have edit rights. We are on version

    Thank you,


    This could be content from any News, Blog, Forum, or Calendar page on the intranet, or from external websites. It's like a magazine subscription - once you sign up, you automatically receive the newest magazine when it is published. 

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    Carolien Dekeersmaeker

    Hi Donna!

    The "sign up" mentioned in the article is really just comparing the ThoughtFarmer news card configuration to a magazine subscription. No need to click sign-up anywhere in ThoughtFarmer.

    Would you mind double checking that you have configured your News card to group the news items by source? This is required for Event content to show up in the News card. 

    Let me know how that goes!



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